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Revision of Loose Femoral Prostheses
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The author of this multimedia work sets himself an ambitious goal: to allow a surgeon to achieve the revision of a prosthesis without too many difficulties (or too much apprehension!) with guaranteed results if he follows the proposed method step by step, and this, even if he is not very experienced in this discipline.To fulfil this purpose, the author provides a clear definition of the press-fit concept (principles and practical applications) and from there, he offers a logical and rigorous method for, first of all, planning the surgery, and then, performing it.The written text is also available as a computerized slide show, coming with a browsing system in order to make a pre-operative planning, which gives real pedagogic value to the whole of this work. TOC:Part I: The concept of press-fit: a system of implants.- Preliminary Remarks.- Choice of a Concept and an implant.- The concept of press-fit. Principles characteristics of an implant with press-fit fixation.- The PFM-revision system.- Modular Femoral Prostheses for Revision.-Implants and Ancillary.- Conclusions of the first part.- Why make these choices?- Part II: Pre-operative planning.- Radiological analysis of the femur.- Determining a surgical strategy.- Making a pre-operative template.- Part III: Surgical technique.- General considerations.- Option 1: femoral flap.- Fixation in the diaphysis.- Option 2: endofemoral approach.- Proximal fixation.- Post-operative care.- Conclusions.- Asembly of the stem in two stages.- Removal of the pfm-revision stem.- Part IV: The results.- Patients and type of operation.- Clinical results.- Preoperative radiological results.- Postoperative radiological results.- The complications, limitations and indications of the concept of ³press-fit fixation.- Conclusions.- Bibliography.

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